1. Sleep Now

    sleep now,
    for in darkness
    and ensconced in duvet,
    with ease, drift off you might
    were your stomach not the rage of a hippopotamus
    were your thoughts not as black as a silver frying pan
    and were your mouth not overflowing with the bile of panic

    sleep now,
    for in almost half-silence,
    a sofa under belly and pillow under head,
    with ease, begin dreaming you might
    were the future not a pickled sorrow
    that begins tomorrow at first light
    or when the cat starts its morning refrain

    sleep now,
    for in solitude
    and free from interruptions,
    with ease, escape this world you might
    were you not called to the glow of the box in the corner
    and the allure of late night poker
    and the gleam of ladies of the night shaking their haggard money makers

    sleep now
    or die the waking dead of those that cannot switch off

    sleep now
    for day offers no such comforts

    sleep now
    or risk being this tired when the dance begins anew this time tomorrow

    sleep now,
    haunted wretch